Thursday, June 25, 2009

MS bloggers & Twitter

Is there anyone with MS who doesn't have a blog?  I don't think so.  And now, Twitter.  Here's my #1 pet peeve with Twitter.  People who set up "autoTweets".  That is, they have a script that automatically send out the same tweet at some regular interval - whether it be 2 hours (yes, some people do that) or days.  When I realize that's someone's deal on Twitter, I drop out of their list. It's just blog advertising, and also very annoying for those who use Twitter to have actual interactions.  The PR angle of Twitter is becoming more prevalent and the more prevalent it is, the more annoying.  To me, anyway.  

The other thing I have been aggravated about today is the snippy, sanctimonious, smug comments from religoius types about whether Michael Jackson is "going to heaven".  Sorry, judgmental "Christians", but fuck off.  One wonders whether you are going to heaven, either.  WWJD indeed.


Jay Livingston said...

I not part of these arguments about whether someone is going to heaven. But the great thing about them is that no matter which side you take, there's no way you can be proven wrong.

trrish said...

That's ok. I know I'm right. Ahahhahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Have MS, don't twitter much, don't have a blog or the energy for one. It does seem that we have a lot in common. Tysabri, 2 kids 8,6, love all kinds of music. (OK, maybe not the music put out by the people that Disney owns.) I agree with your statements. I hate judgemental people. I see it all the time when people see me at the grocery with the look on their face Why is that lady in the electronic cart. People judge before they know.