Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Change I Need (Written 11/5/2008)

Well, hooray!! I feel like the US did a good thing yesterday. I volunteered for the Obama campaign at the polls yesterday. Very interesting, quite exhausting.

I was happy this morning, but not as happy as I expected. I noticed that, while I was thrilled that my state changed colors from red to blue, and we'd elected Obama, I was disappointed that I still had to drive the kids to school, go to work, have food sensitivities, get enough sleep and clean up the kitchen. A friend of mine told a little joke this morning that a guy goes into a coma the day before election day, 2008. He wakes up in the hospital in 2015, and learns that Obama was elected and has been the president for 6 years. At some point, a friend offers him a cigarette. He says "hey, you can smoke in hospitals now?" "Yeah you can," says his friend, "Obama cured cancer three years ago." My friend Paul and I were talking and decided that now that Barack Obama is our president-elect, all of the things that bug us should get fixed, large and small.

First, I'd like a different job, that pays nearly the same but is much less responsibility with no managing of staff. Also, it would be good if it did not include being in charge of any part of a huge student system replacement project. Oh, and can it be part-time? I'm so tired. And, if I did not have to work with anyone who was the least bit annoying, that would totally rock. Yeah, and I still need insurance to cover the ridiculously expensive Tysabri infusions for MS.

How about making system access requests in my department go smoother? Like, maybe the person who gets the request and gives the 25 people access could then notify those people they have access and what their logons are? See, then they would know they have access. And wouldn't be wondering about it a month or two later.

Ok, I really don't want to get into arguments with my son in the mornings before school. It ruins my day and his. He is very sensitive about a whole lot of things and on days that I am completely depleted, like today, I forget how to be wonderful. That will be awesome when that changes.

And speaking of bad mothers, thanks to Paul for pointing me to this comic. Paul is not the bad mother in this scenario.

Oh yeah, I'm not at all interested in turning 50 next year. Please, Barack, put "getting old" on your list of things that we can feel hope about.

The battery in my car is dying and I need you to replace it, if you would.

I'm willing to have MS, an eating disorder, anger issues, low sex drive or recurrent depression, but not all five. Pick one.

Maybe my kids could actually go to bed before I do. So I could have a little time to myself before getting a full night's sleep because I no longer wake up between 2:30 and 3:30 am, thanks to Obama. That would be sweet.

You know that 110-year-old woman who voted for you yesterday? She was the daughter of a man who was a slave when he was 12? Find out if there is something we could do for her that could make one of her dreams come true. Hey, wait, I think you just did that one! Fantastic - you haven't even had your first day on the job yet.

Here's to continuing hope, feeling inspired, and getting enough sleep.

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