Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Been awhile.

I'm 55. Here are things I think I believe.

-I believe there is a loving, creative energy in the uinverse that we can access nearly any time we are in a state to receive it. Sometimes I call it God, sometimes I don't.

-I believe this energy communicates with us from within and from without. I don't think I believe that you need to read 25 volumes of religious texts to know about it or understand it.

-I think that without this energy, we've not much to go on but ego, and that gets us in trouble.

-We need some amount of ego to survive in this world. I suspect how we listen to ego determines a lot. One can't believe everything ego thinks.

-I don't trust religion. I do trust God. The trick for me is clearly hearing that voice.

-We're here to realize ourselves, to love love ("God") and to love each other.

-I like comedy that isn't about generalizations, sexism, racism or most other isms. Self-awareness and inquiry is probably one of the funniest platforms to speak from.

 -Women have been sold an enormous crock of BS, and we tend to believe it, even as we recognize it.

- Men have also been sold an enormous crock of BS. They don't always recognize it.

-I'm not going along with it anymore. I didn't for many years. But the last 10 years. I've faltered.

-I don't believe in Republicans, Democrats or Libertarians.

-I want to be a loving person, but not one that can't stand up for anything. I've let myself get discouraged.

-I love some people who attend the church I've been going to for 10 years. And, I don't think I'm living from integrity anymore. I want that back.

-Getting older has been messing with my sense of self. I need to reclaim that.

I'm taking back my agency and I'm diving back into to the pool. I don't understand many, if not most, things about this world, but watching from the sidelines isn't cutting it for me. At one time, I felt I knew who I was. And I liked me. I haven't felt that way in several years and the only one who can change that is me. So here I go.

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