Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not guilty does not mean innocent

I'll be the first to admit that I'm feeling ornery due to some medication I'm own, so...you know. But now I will alienate everyone by saying: unless you were a part of the jury, you don't get to be so sure that they were wrong with their verdict. Those 12 people have to live with their decision. I would say that maybe they could not live with giving someone the possibility of the death penalty when there was any doubt about what happened. Be pissed at the prosecution, not the jury. I wasn't surprised by the verdict - there was no cause of death established, and no actual evidence to link Casey Anthony to her daughter's death, other than Casey Anthony being a very unlikeable, unstable and dishonest person.

Our justice system is meant to err on the side of the innocent, and that means that some guilty people will go free. What's worse to me is sending an innocent person to jail. I suspect Casey Anthony will implode on her own, in some way, at some point.

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