Thursday, December 02, 2010

Have a Positive Attitude About MS!! via Derek Miller  Rest in peace, Derek.


Jay Livingston said...

Seems like you or XKCD or both have been loooking Barbara Ehrenreich’s latest book?.

trrish said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE her for that. I had peripheral awareness of her book but hadn't gotten any deeper.

A certain type of person who gets a chronic or potentially fatal disease will inevitably encounter this reaction in themselves to ribbon crowd. I remember very early on rebelling against passivity and acceptance - "I will not say that MS is a "gift". More recently, I said to a few people -no, I don't think I am going to post a snarky comment on Facebook about where I like to "keep my purse" in order to support breast cancer. How does that support breast cancer again? I run the risk of becoming seen as the neighborhood curmudgeon. Maybe that's not the worst thing to be.

There's always the drama queen/too negative approach, which I also hate. I have found that I am pretty good squarely in the middle, and trying to maintain some amount of realism.

LauraX said...

loved your comic, found it at Carnival of MS bloggers...some days we just feel horrible...physically, mentally, emotionally...other days we can see past the discomfort and frustration of this crazy disease and find humor, joy, love, peace in the moment at hand.

blessings to you on your life journey.