Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I like about Portland

-The public transit.
-The restaurants and food - a nice diverse variety.
-Moonstruck Chocolatier - really amazing truffles!
-The farmers market a great local products
-Lots of parks
-Independent record and bookstores
-The weather, at least while I was here
-The alt vibe. It's ok to be weird here.
-The feeling of Boulder from 20 years ago.
-$2.30 to take the train to the airport.
-The artwork all over town
-The poetry on the mass transit train cars.
-The rivers and bridges
-The trees
-Some beautiful flowers around

If I thought I could handle the rainy season, I'd consider living here. The one downside for me was that I was seriously directionally challenged the whole time. Which may just be my normal MS'y cognitive experience and nothing necessarily to do with Portland. I was surprised to hear how mild the winters are. It gets down to the 30's "sometimes". It seems like a pretty nice quality of life here. Lots of homeless people downtown, looking for handouts. Again, reminiscent of Boulder 15-20 years ago.

I can tell I'm getting restless and am looking for a change. A job change might be sufficient, but I do find myself thinking about picking up and moving frequently. Though it would be harder than I think. It's ways to overlook the very deep roots I've laid down in Boulder. Lastly, if my dang iPhone cannot figure out that "Boulder" is the word I'm trying to spell when I type Boukder", I may have to go back to a Blackberry. I want the iPhone to learn, like the Blackberry did.

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