Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Can't Stop My Leg

I was a huge fan of Robert Klein back in the day. I can't find any video online from his great " leg" routine, so this one will have to do.

I can't stop my leg from hurting today. I hope it stops tomorrow or the next day. I had an MS flare this past weekend, after a urinary tract infection. I felt it for about 3 days, then I felt better. Then today my right leg was weird - my right side is typically my "problem side". As my friend Paul (aka Captain Literal) said, "so, trrish, apparently you literally have a bad side"... And as the day went on, I felt worse and worse. I don't know if the leg thing is triggered by MS or not. I suspect yes, though it doesn't really matter. But let's appreciate a three-day episode - that is pretty good! It has been so much worse in the past.

I skipped band practice tonight due to not having the resilience to go, plus my son (the strep-throated A, a rare bird that has been making frequent appearances in my household) is sick with strep. I don't like missing band - I like playing. I wish we could practice on the weekends during the day. MS and late night band practices every week don't go well together...

I've never watched the George Lopez show before, but it just came on, and I realize that the theme song is "Low Rider", by War. Now that's funny.

I am temporarily tired of taking care of people and things. I'd like to have a few days where I don't have to. I am lucky that sometimes A and O go skiing and I get a little time to myself. I suspect that goes hand-in-hand with not feeling well. It's hard to take care of others when I'm not on my game.

So this weekend, The Who are playing half-time at the Super Bowl. I have nothing but anxiety! Will everyone think they are too old? Will they suck? Will Pete blurt out something ridiculous? Personally, I find him charming, but he has been known to say some outlandish things. The last time they played before a huge, national audience was The Concert For New York. They pretty much kicked ass, even though Roger had a cold, and did all of us fans proud. Introduced by self-proclaimed Who fanboy John Cusack, they expressed the aggression that night that that crowd of New Yorkers - firefighters, cops and just plain citizens needed to feel. I remember feeling the same way before that show that I do now. Of course, we don't have Entwistle now.
I know once they are on stage, I will be so happy to see them, I will stop caring about what anybody else thinks. I'm so lucky that the band I picked "for life" is still out there playing.

I just don't think you're ever too old to rock.


Anonymous said...


I think that is so cool that you picked The Who for life. When everyone was picking bands in 7th grade and a lot of kids picked the Stones or at that time Styx, Journey or Rush my band was the Who. No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, the Vlad man, behind blue eyes. I only saw them once in Buffalo when it started raining the second they started playing Love Reign O'er Me!

K. said...

"Will Pete blurt out something ridiculous?"

Too bad Abbie Hoffman can't be there to up the ante!

Trish, you work awfully hard to persevere without complaint. It's inspiring.

HumorMS said...

Hey Trish,

I read through some of your blog tonight and I gotta say: you rock. I'll be stopping in a lot.

Since you love The Who and your blog is a line from Seinfeld, I already know we're going to be fast friends.