Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Have Got to Get it Together

Call out the instigators
Because there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now...-
Thunderclap Newman (Jimmy Keene). Produced by Pete Townshend :-) Once I saw Wilco do it during a soundcheck!

That 'get it together' thing is echoing in my brain.

I realizing I'm too strung out at the moment. Been working far more than I'm supposed to, stepped in to help with a few things musically at my church, have a kid who's pretty high maintenance this year, lost our longtime babysitter and housekeeper a few months ago, have a husband who's been far less than 100% due to a broken bone and bad cholesterol meds, and have been less than whatever my normal MS-y % is due to my new drug and it's fatal flaw - insomnia. Ok, fatal is too strong of word. Now, Tysabri....that had a fatal flaw. LDN just has a near dealbreaker.

And, it's Wednesday night and I haven't yet watched episode 2 of "Men of A Certain Age" yet. Someone else is always watching something in the evening. I'm not going to take my LDN pill tonight. I'd like to see if I sleep better. I may have to take it more sporadically. I was taking heavy-duty melatonin but my doc wants me to lay off of it. She doesn't feel it's good for immune system issues.

Today was just a frustrating day in a lot of ways. Starting again tomorrow! "You Can Do It!!"

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