Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey, Evin and Kevin. It's time to stop your self-promotion campaign against Pete Townshend

Two individual's are trying to prevent The Who from playing at the Superbowl, claiming Pete Townshend was never cleared of charges in 2003 regarding paying for a viewing a child pornography site. In fact, he was never charged. Read about the facts here.

"After four months of investigation by officers from Scotland Yard's child protection group, it was established that Mr Townshend was not in possession of any downloaded child abuse images. He has fully co-operated with the investigation."
-Scotland Yard statement

Pete Townshend's case was resolved in 2003. He's been honored by VH-1, The Kennedy Center and toured the US at least three times since then. I want these two guys to stop their self-promotion campaign at the expense of Pete. Kudos to David Whitley at the NFL Fanhouse for getting it right.http://nfl.fanhouse.com/2009/12/29/who-are-you-to-ban-townshend-from-super-bowl/?synd=1

Meanwhile, London Council to commemorate Townshend.

See you at the Superbowl, Pete!


RJKaplan66 said...


You friggin' rock!


K. said...

I know someone who knows Pete, and this guy says that the allegations were always laughable, although I doubt that they seemed funny at the time.

Great picture of you and the man!

Shortcake said...

thanks for the info you left on my radio blog yesterday! good to be corrected.. hopefully anti-child abuse people get their butts out of their you-know-where... have a pleasant day!

trrish said...


No, it was not funny at the time! It's a shame this has to get so much airtime again, but I'm viewing it as an opportunity to try and inform people who don't know the actual story.

trrish said...

Shortcake (love your picture),

Thank you for being willing to consider all sides of the story. I really appreciate that.