Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OH my gosh they are using my picture on Facebook!!!!

Some people are freaking out because they've seen their picture or their spouse's picture used in an ad in Facebook. Article here. Then the comments were all hostile about the horrible social network users who have no life. I felt compelled to comment.

First of all, you can block all those ads with a Firefox plugin.

Secondly, 'your' wife's picture is only displaying to you, not to everybody else. Do we really think everybody else will be that interested in that picture? No. It's just for you!

If you don't like social networks, please don't use them. No need to claim people who do use them need to "get a life". It's really pretty obnoxious to say that to people you don't really know. If you do use them, understand that nothing is private on the internet.

As far as I'm concerned, Facebook can use my picture wherever they want. I probably won't see it, and I never could get enough attention as a child, anyway. :-)

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Paul O'Brian said...

Amen! I first found out about the picture policy thing when some friend posted a big alarmist warning about it. Then I looked it up and thought, this is what I'm supposed to be getting upset about? Who cares?