Friday, June 12, 2009

Two scenes from "Slings and Arrows", the last episode of season 2.

Geoffrey and Ellen are the long-time, somewhat star-crossed lovers in the show. Geoffrey has just finished a successful but rocky opening week of Macbeth. He's the artistic director of the company. Ellen played Lady Macbeth. Geoffrey Tennant introduces Romeo and Juliet, from the stage. Ellen is watching from the audience.

Geoffrey:  Uh, Good evening, it is, I am told, a tradition here that on the final night of opening week, a token of thanks be present to, uh, our season's major sponsor.  So i would like to invite Mr. Barnaby Henderson to come and accept this framed photograph signed by the entire Romeo and Juliet company.

Mr Henderson: I just have a few words.  I'm very pleased to accept this gift on behalf of Graymore Industries, a diversified technology company providing innovative and practical solutions for over 30 years.  

On a personal note,  I'd just like to say how especially moved that I am here tonight.  Romeo and Juliet, one of the greatest love stories ever told, and one that has special meaning for my wife Carol and me.  See, we've been married for 30 years, and in all that time, I don't think we've ever missed a production of this play, that we could get to.  Carol can't be here tonight.  She's in the hospital, recovering from heart surgery.  Uh, she's going to be alright, the doctors tell me.  

But you know, when I think of all the times when we nearly gave up on each other, I get kind of shakey.  I wasn't much of a husband there for a while.  I'll tell you that for free.  But an experience like this - it teaches you something, about the power of love.  It certainly does.  

(Mr. Henderson and Geoffrey walk off stage.)

(Romeo and Juliet starts...."Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona..." )

(Ellen:  Begins crying. Walks out. Joins Geoffrey on the side of the stage, listening to the play.)

Ellen:  I hate this play.

Geoffrey:  Yeah.

Ellen:  You watch it and you feel miserable because you don't have that kind of passion in your life.  Nobody does.  It's a fantasy. It's irresponsible.

Geoffrey:  Yeah.

Geoffrey:  You know what I think?  I think it's painfully accurate.  Two idiots meet.  They fall in love. They're happy.  Briefly.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Happens all the time.

Ellen:  That old man. Oh my god.

Geoffrey:  Mr. Henderson?

Ellen:  Yeah.  That hurt.

Ellen:  I would have got through this quite nicely without Mr. Henderson.  I'm so fucking miserable, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey:  Yeah, I know.  Me too.

Ellen:  (Emotional sigh)  Am I a loser?

Geoffrey:  Mm hmm.  Yeah.  You are. So am I.  We're both big, fat losers.

Ellen:  Your my only friend.  Isn't that pathetic?

Geoffrey:  Yeah. That is pathetic.

Ellen:  I owe $27,867.53 in back taxes.  

(Geoffrey grabs Ellen's hand)

Geoffrey:  Let's watch the show.

Cut to the afterparty at the bar.  Geoffrey and Ellen walk in - Ellen spots Sloane, her former and quite young boyfriend.

Sloane:  Ellen!

Ellen:  Hi!!

Sloane:  I'm uh, crashing the party.  Is that cool?

Geoffrey:  Yah, sure.

Sloane:  Uh, me and my girlfriend.  Tuesday.  That's her over there.

Ellen:  She seems nice.

Sloane:  So uh, how are you two?

Geoffrey:  Good.

Ellen:  Good!

Sloane:  I thought for sure you'd be married by now.

Ellen:  Well, we broke up pretty quickly, actually.

Sloane:  What the fuck?  You broke up.  You broke with me so you could be together!

Ellen:  Well, it's complicated, Sloane.

Sloane:  No it isn't.  You guys love each other, right.

Ellen:  We did.

Sloane:  It doesn't go away.....

Geoffrey:  Oh yeah, it can.

Ellen:  It's different when you're older.

Sloane:  That's bullshit!

Geoffrey:  Nah, Sloane, honestly, we're just--we're a couple of losers, that's all.

Ellen:  We're miserable - both of us.

Geoffrey:  Happily.

Ellen:  Really.

Sloane:   You guys are so obviously meant to be together.  It's so obvious it pisses me off.   Alright?  What the fuck, just deal with it!   You fucking broke my heart, Ellen., alright, but I knew you were right.  I mean, come on.

Geoffrey:  Wow, out of the mouths of babes.

Ellen:  Oh, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey:  I don't want to be here anymore.

Ellen:  Take me home.

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ania said...

Slings and Arrows rocks...wish the series continued.