Thursday, June 04, 2009

Trrish is KBCO

I hear they are rerunning some "I am KBCO" promos.

Here's how I ended up doing one.

--- chaslil@... wrote:

> "I'm Trish and I'm KBCO". Way to go, Trrish. Did you go into
> studio for that?
> Meet your morning DJ bud Bret Saunders?

Here's how that happened.

During the week, I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 am, which is the
start of my fav DJ bud Bret's shift. During the school year, I tend
to have my first thoughts be kind of anxiety-ridden "oh-god-i-have-

Basically, school mornings suck, in my opinion.

So one morning I wake up and while having these thoughts, my radio
alarm goes off around 5:45 and the first thing I hear is one of
the "I am KBCO" promos. It was the usual stuff that makes me roll
my eyes. Some woman talking about how "I'm 28 and I love to cook
gourmet food; I'm a great skier; I used to be a model; I have a PhD
in environmental sciences. I AM KBCO."

I think to myself, "yeah, right. My "I am KBCO" would be very
different, and I think mine is way more in touch with reality." So,
I get my laptop and send an email to Bret and his crew.

I send this paragraph:

Dear Bret, Robbyn and Chris,

I woke up at 5:30 to the "I am KBCO" woman who sounds really perfect
and makes gourmet food. :-)

I'm a mother of two. I work full-time at CU. I overcooked the
microwave pancakes for breakfast and got the kids to school 5
minutes late...again. I got to the manager meeting 10 minutes late,
tripped over my croc's and spill my soy chai on the way to my cube.
I love Wilco, Fountains of Wayne, and listened to The Who on my way
to drop my son off at soccer practice while simultaneously putting
on his cleats and shin guards in the car.

*I* am KBCO.


ps. let me know if you want me to record it

A little while later, Bret reads it on air. The thing I love about
Bret is that he is funny. So I have occasionally sent him emails
with things I think are funny. So, I was happy he thought it was
entertaining enough to read.

Even though I was being sarcastic by offering to record it, they
asked me to come in and record it, which I did. The guy interviewed
me for quite a while. My daughter Dagny came with me and she was
very impressed at getting to go into the station (while Bret was on
the air, no less). We didn't meet Bret but did get to watch another
dj, Ginger, getting ready for her show.

The funny part was, a lot of the music I like, they don't play too
much, if at all. So I mentioned Robert Plant, because they had him
in the studio to do a "Studio C" session. But I made sure I
mentioned the groups I like that they don't play. Because I think
they should play them. But I'm sure they didn't include those bands
in the edited promo!

It was fun for me, too, because I am truly a radio geek.

They started airing it about two months ago. I've never heard it!!
I've heard from a ton of people who have. The funniest story was
from a woman who works for me who was in her office and said,

"Trish, all of sudden I heard your voice, and I kept looking around
my office trying to figure out where you were....I finally figured
out you were coming out of the radio!!!!"

So, that's the story.


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