Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No more UTI's

 I have to tell anyone who struggles with MS and/or bladder infections, you might try a product called D-Mannose. Yes, I know it sounds like some old outer space alien movie that Mystery Theater 3000 would do, but it is actually a supplement that has saved my butt. My MS episodes were always triggered by infections, particularly raging bladder infections. As anyone with MS knows, recurring bladder infections can just be part of the deal. I used low-dose antibiotics for a while, then tried cranberry extract. I've used D-Mannose for nearly a year and I haven't had ONE major infection. I take two capsules or a half-teaspoon of the powder every morning. If I even suspect anything is starting to develop, infection-wise, I take 3 of them twice a day. Within 24 hours, any signs are just gone. I can't recommend it highly enough. I don't make any money from it or from iherb.  It is made my different companies, and is also sold as "ClearTract". They are just my favorite site to order from.

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Leslie Blanchard said...

Good advice. The leading causes of death in M.S. are respriatory infections and UTI's. Yet I know so many with M.S. that don't realize that UTI's are so common. Glad you brought this up.