Friday, June 12, 2009

How to extract from the politics and the hate

I cannot believe how we all buy into the hype. Today, it's the Letterman-Palin hype. Please. It's no better than gossip. Get a grip. It's a photo op for both parties, fed by all of the media, and all of us.

I see a friend of mine post on Twitter "Palin 1, Lauer 0. Very effective." regarding Sarah Palin's appearance on the Today show. Please. She uses David Letterman's joke as an opportunity to promote herself and her agenda. All sides do it, I know that. Dave uses Palin to make a joke because she's an easy target. I happen to prefer Letterman to Palin and therefore I will be hard-pressed to be annoyed at the guy because he made a joke at the Palin's and A-Rods - primarily A-Rod's - expense. It's just one example of what is out there every single day.

What I don't like is all the hatred, and the judgements about everyone else. I think staying away from the media is a great way to avoid these things. I find that is easy to say, but not to do. Twitter and Facebook don't help any, and I am rethinking both of those.

The thing is, the internet and the media is not the only place. It is a human condition. Last week at my church, someone was commenting on how she views certain people as being "not as far along" as she is, spiritually. It struck me as horribly arrogant. It's not who I want to be, and not who I want to hang out with.

Someone on Facebook invited me to join a group of people against violence to animals. Their group title is "Stop Animal Cruelty, The people Who beat animals should be beaten back!." As Nick Feyn might say, "No!!!!" You've lost all credibility with me by saying anyone should be beaten. I get the passion, I really do. But that is exactly how I think we go wrong.

I suppose the best thing I can do is look within, and try to eradicate where I am doing it myself. I cannot control anyone else. I can possibly control how I react to them. It's hard not to react in kind - yeah, you people are assholes! That doesn't work out.

It hurts me so much, I can feel it in my heart right now. I feel like there are a few issues in the world that tug at my heart - one is hunger, another is child abuse, and another is how we divide ourselves into groups and then hate each other - racism, sexism, intolerance of gays, intolerance of religion, intolerance of's all the same thing!!! When I hear myself or anyone else passionately hating another group that pisses them off for whatever reason, I can only think of how we are guilty of the same thing that they are hating.

I've always been on the left, politically. It wasn't something I decided as much as I just always felt was a human, loving way to be in the world. Now, I'm not sure if I affiliate with any particular political party. I certainly agree or disagree on ideas, but there are things I don't agree with in both parties. I think I want to live what I feel, and not worry about all the hype, the buzz and the conflict. I will keep finding ways to do that. Joining the "One" organization was one way. Giving money to certain organizations that actually help people is another. I need more ways. And this is a good time in my life to be able to be useful.

Here's a good quote my friend Paul uses:

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not
liberate, it oppresses."
-- Carl Jung

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