Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh my god

I have a two hour layover in Charlotte, NC. I'm on my way back from
visiting my mom and her husband in Florida.

I've known for a long time that I am diametrically opposed to them in
terms of politics. We tiptoe lightly around each other in that regard.
But this visit, I painfully understood the racism of my 'stepdude' and
to a lesser extent, my mom. What a fucking drag! I can't even write
down some of the things that were said. Not now, anyway.

What to do? Well first I can THANK GOD that I somehow kept my own self
intact while growing up Second, I can continue to work to find loving
ways of dealing with them when those things come up. I'm understanding
that there are loving ways to disagree. It's not possible for me to
let it slide without saying something. My silence will be heard as
being complicit. I'm not.

I am reminded to be thankful for my education. Thank you, sociology
and psychology departments at Montclair State. I got way more than I
paid for out of you.

Meanwhile, I had a couple of ligthbulbs go off while I was gone.
Swimming is clearly something I need to be doing, and what better time
than this summer with my kids. And, it's time to find that volunteer
thing that I have been fantasizing about. Not clear what it will be -
something to do with nursing homes or holding babies. I don't know.
Ideas welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Heh, you sound just like Laura! (Except she's not surprised by the racism.) You both have this quality in common -- you're like mutants who managed not to absorb your parents' worst qualities.

Also, AMEN to the education comment. That basic concept is the fundamental reason behind why I work in education, and why I truly believe that, imperfect as any single educational institution may be, education itself is an enterprise that makes the world a better place. Democracy can't work without it, and I'm not sure that any other institution to improve the world would exist without it either.

Oh, and I don't have a baby, but there is a 4-year-old who I know would benefit from quality time with you. Just sayin'. :)