Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Winter Detox for MS

Some people walk for MS, some ride bikes for MS - I detox.

I've had great success since I did the Master Cleanse in August.  I moved on from there to the MS diet; did an Alcat test, read the "MS Recovery Diet" and am now moving toward some of Mark Hyman's programs, which all begin with "ultra".  This week I've started the "UltraSimple Diet".  I'm keeping all the knowledge I've gained from each part as I go forward.  The cool thing about the UltraSimple diet is that it kind of does that as well.  There is no gluten, diary, etc.  I have to modify it a bit to take into account the allergy results I got from Alcat.  At first I was overwhelmed by the Alcat results, but I have settled in to it pretty well.  It's been 12 weeks since the Alcat.   The test was expensive, but I am very glad I did it.  They have called and emailed to check up on me, which I really appreciate. 

Mark Hyman does a great job of walking you through reintroducing foods after you do his detox for a week or (however long you want.)  I find his Ultra Simple program so much more fun that the Master Cleanse.  Because, I like to eat!  I'm very happy to find a detox that I can not feel deprived on.  I think going through the above programs as I did was a good way to go.  

I've also added in the sincere attempt to get 8 hours of sleep at night, and walk for 30 minutes or so each day.  I'm using Cleartract (D-Mannose) to help prevent the urinary tract infections that have plagued me. I've liked taking all of it one step at a time - it's too overwhelming to do it all at once.  I link to iHerb just because it is my favorite place to purchase supplements.  But if you decide you like it, you can use my referral code - PT101 - and get a $5 discount.

And, the results have been very good.  While it has been nearly a full-time job to do the research and implement all the different things, there has been a good pay-off.  I've noticed a huge improvement my general cognitive functioning, fatigue level, and overall energy.   I haven't had any improvement in my bladder issues, optic neuritis damage, and certain cognitive aspects.  I'm thrilled with the improvements I've seen.

I continue my Tysabri regimen - it fits in well with the overall theory behind the nutrition, anti-inflammation stuff.  How I wish I had known what I know now 15 years ago.  The universe was trying to tell me, I know that.  I did realize that, while I did not follow a nutritional strategy consistently during my course with MS, I did enough of it that I suspect I am much less damaged than I might have been.  

Part of Mark Hyman's programs are journaling, and I'm going to do that journaling here.  One thing I think is very true is that everything that I am doing "for MS" would be so helpful for anyone who feels less healthy and energetic than they could be.  I feel very lucky it has any impact whatsoever on MS.  I'm very aware that this does not mean I will not continue to have episodes.  My hope is that my quality of life in between episodes is a bit higher, and perhaps (just perhaps) the duration of the episodes will be shorter.  It's clear that if I go back to "normal" eating,  I will go back to 4 or 5 episodes a year and the horrible UTI's, brain fog, fatigue and low energy.  I also know that I will hit some walls, and that there will be times that compliance is not going to come easily.

For now, I am looking back at the 'tunnel' I've been chinking at and feel like I've come pretty far.  That's a good feeling.

ps.  the above logo is from a UK band.  I am amused by the evil, heavy metal, punk feel it has.  "DETOX!!!    I don't think they'll mind the ad.  

Usually, you think of detox like this:

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