Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Obama-haters

I worked at the polls yesterday. It was fascinating and exhausting. I had a fun little blog post regarding Obama written up and then stumbled across this person's blog while looking for a picture of Amanda Jones, the 109 year old woman, who is the daughter of a slave, who voted for Obama yesterday. That this woman lived to see an black man elected as president really moved me.

I don't get how people like those commenting on that blog consider themselves Christians. It makes me embarrassed to call myself one. Then I remember that what I think a Christian is, is not what they think a Christian is. The hard part is not to hate those people. They clearly hate me, and everything I've ever stood for. I start to want to engage with it, but I know that isn't the way. So I guess I'm praying for them. I pray for all of us to open our minds and learn how we can coexist. You hate Obama and liberals so much, you don't realize how ugly you become. You are letting fear rule your soul. That is not God's way, no matter how much you tell yourself it is. I understand that you are afraid of losing what you perceive as control for the next 4 - 8 - 12 -16 years. It is astonishing to me that you are making claims of election fraud and backing it up with nothing. Shame on you.


Jay Livingston said...

If it's any comfort, it seems to me that the person you linked to is not a Christian. She's Jewish. Oy.

trrish said...

And, when I woke up for my nightly 2:30 am anxiety-fest, I realized I don't care what they are all saying about God or religion as much as I just have a hard time tolerating the us vs. them nature of it.

It's our worst trait as humans.