Monday, August 25, 2008

Master Cleanse detox - I dream of sauerkraut

I've come to the end of day 8 on the 'master cleanse' that I've been doing. I only thought I'd go for three to five days, so eight is pretty good in my book. I woke up this morning and was ravenous, shakey, kind of MS-tingly. I did the stuff I'm supposed to do. About halfway through the day I started feeling a little better, but was still ravenous. I couldn't shake it. I could not focus on anything, really. I was able to have conversations but my extra RAM memory was just clicking through possible foods to eat. After doing some reading, thinking, and praying, I decided it was time to end the fast.

I'm not a "faster", really. I have done them in the past, most shorter but one for about the same length of time. By about now I am going stark raving mad and I don't like that. So, after work I went to my little health food store and bought: one orange, one grapefruit, one box of fresh blueberries, almond butter, fresh sauerkraut, some celery and some spinach. How about that? That is my post-fast list of what sounds delicious to eat. I ate half of the orange right outside of the store. WOW - OMG, I've never had such a fantastic orange in my life!! So delicious. I felt satisfied for about an hour, then ate the other half. The funniest thing was how happy I was after I ate half an orange. I was ecstatic. Everything was going to be ok. It would be ok to eat food again. I love food.

I'm ok with never fasting again, although I bet I will. I got a lot of crap (ahem) out of my body. My tongue is turning a little pinker. I feel lighter, more energetic, slept very well. I hope the 8 days gave my body a chance to work a little on something besides digestion. Come on, heal those plaques, baby!! Although I am introducing clean food again, I will continue with the detox aspect of the cleanse. Right now I am focusing on colon, parasite (ew) and kidney cleansing. Next month, I'm getting my last mercury filling removed, and after that I will try a liver detox. Those are a bit more work.

Today I went to see the nutritional therapist I had encountered last week. It was a great meeting - I really liked her. She's almost exactly my age, has had MS about the same amount of time as me, and is very much on the same wavelength as I am. She even studied at the same naturopathic nutrition school that I did. She takes Avonex, and also does her nutrition and exercise bit. I think I'm going to see her as a client for a few months. It is so helpful to have an ally, and have support while I try to work out what this phase of my MS career's diet will look like.

Another thing the fast confirmed for me was that I want to direct my giving funds toward the hungry. I've always had that particular charitable goal, but don't do near enough. Hunger and kids with aids are my two most pressing concerns, in terms of giving.

I'm thankful that I did the fast, and I am thankful that I ended it tonight.


So I ate that glorious orange yesterday. Today I feel great. I'm continuing the detox, but will allow for fruit or other food if necessary. Brought my grapefruit to work in case I need it!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... food


ozzie said...

I love lamp, but i love food more!
I'm stronger today because of your fast. Garath (Lucifer) arrived at the door at 10:15 PM with two 16 ounce DQs. He said they were for the little dude and the little chick, but I know the way Lucifer works! Those two items were the most difficult two items I ever had to put in the freezer. 5 minutes before the delivery, the universe prodded me to make some rice with avacado and tomato. I shut the DQ away in the deep freeze and ate my rice.
Nice job on the fast, darling!!!! I was going to use "fast, honey," but I thought "fast, darling" would look better in the sentence.