Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Almost Washed My Hair

When I was in high school and college, I washed my hair every day. There was no way I'd step out of my house with day-old hair.

Now, it's amazing if I wash it once a week. Seems I CBB (Can't Be Bothered). There are too many other things to do and washing my hair seems so boring. I'm going to have to come up with something interesting to do while washing my hair. Or, meditate perhaps? Or pray, perhaps? Also, once I'm washing my hair, I think of all the other things I need to do maintenance-wise to my body and then I feel completely overwhelmed. Well, if I'm gonna wash my hair, I might as well...but no, no time for that. Maybe there's some way I could work eating into it.

I've totally gone against my own principle and am doing a 3 to 5 day detox. I'm taking it a half-day at a time. If I feel like I wanna keep doing it, I have. So, tomorrow is day three. It's not that bad - the only thing I don't like is sometimes I feel so hungry that I can't focus on things. What I do in that case is remember that there are people who feel that way most of the time. That it is a freakin' luxury for me to choose not eat solid food for a few days. The actual cleanse I'm doing is supposed to be done for 10 days, but I completely fear triggering my eating disorders and going insane if do it for 10.

Why detox? Last time I had a health binge was back in the spring/summer of 2006. Since then, I've been doing whatever I feel like. Which isn't always horrible, but sometimes is. So it's time. (Is anyone else craving lettuce?) I have periodically detoxed since I was in high school. This time, I am trying to do it prayerfully, and not make it like a prison. My deal with myself is I can still do 'whatever'. It's just the last two days, I've chosen the detox.

Since I was in high school and first read Dick Gregory's "Cookin' with Mother Nature", I have believed in the power of detox. I feel very good while I do it, and after I do it. Do I do it to balance out the Tysabri, steriods and other crap I've put in my body since MS? Yep. Drop some weight? Yep. Radically improve my energy level?? Dingdingdingdingdingding. That's the one. My energy level skyrockets. It's nearly night and day from what I feel like when I'm on the average American diet. Now, other people don't see it as much because when I am on the AAD, I use caffeine and everyone, including me, thinks I have loads of energy. This seems to be *actual* energy, never mind natural energy. (I've been thinking of cupcakes all day.)

Meanwhile, I went to Vitamin Cottage (I think it is a Colorado thing) and ended up talking to a staffer for 20 minutes about various things. I was looking for a pill from of wheat grass juice because I hate drinking wheat grass juice. He told me about a woman here in Boulder who is a practicing nutritional therapist and specializes in working with women with MS. She has MS herself. She went to the same Nutritional Therapy Institute that I went to right after my diagnosis. My friend Scotti says I know everything I need to know about the food/health connection. That might be true. However, I'm not that good at balancing everything and I'm wondering if she might be helpful in that way. She was diagnosed about a year or so after I was. (Mmmm, wheatgrass juice.)

My son had his first full day of 4th grade today and came home with a cold. Woohoo!! School is back in swing!!!


Anonymous said...

Regarding wheatgrass, try one ounce of cut wheatgrass, one apple and 1/2 lemon. It makes a great wheatgrass cocktail. Of course you need a juicer that can juice wheatgrass, also, one of those typical 3.5" x 3.5" planters of wheatgrass is about one ounce juiced. -Steve

trrish said...

Thanks Steve! Ok, MAYBE I'll give it a shot. :-) We gave away our Champion juicer years ago but I still have my Acme Supreme. I'm not sure if it can juice wheatgrass - I'll have to check that out.