Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

So my husband Ozzie crashed a private Who gig tonight in LA.  It was for the launch of  "Rock Band", and for Viacom ppl.  I stayed back with the kids.  I had a feeling it was Ozzie's night, not mine.  Fucking was it......this is what he just posted to our online Who group, Relayers.

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Oh UCKING are they!

I got a Pete pick and the best personal Who experience of my life!
This is the "FUCKING BRILLIANT!" of all Fucking Brilliant moments for
me!! Best fucking brilliant moment other than having front row
directly, and I mean directly in front of Pete, then having Mike show
up moments later to join me in the seat next to me that I saved for
him, and having this go down in one of the most fucking beautiful
theaters I've ever been in, listening to Pete jabbing Roger about
singing something, and me yelling something like "Roger can handle it"
and having roger agree, by saying something like yeah, I can handle
it, and having Pete ask the crowd if everyone here works for Viacom,
and when everyone yelling yes, he's looking at me and says,
"EVERYONE??? Then points to me and asks me what I did for Viacom, and
I said I do a Who thing, and Pete say, "oh, you're a Who thing, and
saying how did he get in here?."And then have roger ask me if I stole
his socks, while he was saying it he was showing me his UJ socks, and
then he realized mine were shoes, and then said he wanted them, and me
making believe I was unlacing them, and then Pete saying that I was
marketing for the Who and that's what this is really all about. And
then Pete added that I should give them up, and then buy them back
from them.  So they go into the next number, and I'm thinking when
will I ever get the chance to give Roger something of mine that he
actually wants, even if he's only kidding, so I take off my boots, and
at the end of the song I hand them to the security guard, and he puts
them on top of Roger's monitor. Roger picks them up, holding them up
for everyone to appreciate, while Pete is telling Roger he's getting
suckered, and all the while telling me that Union Jacks are supposed
to be a "Jacket" and then Roger saying something about not looking
that good in them, thanking me, and then throwing them back to me, and
then there's  Pete thanking Viacom for letting them play at their
party, and me yelling "yeah you're a Party Band!", and Pete saying
"yeah, we're a Tribute Band," and Mike yelling "no, we're the tribute
band", and then getting the little "Cry If You Want" piece that I love
so much thrown into MG, and a dancing jumping happy, lead playing,
guitar sliding across the mike stand Pete, and The Who showing how PW
is really done, and getting the whole Amazing Journey/Sparks, See Me
Feel Me/Listening to You extravaganza so fucking forcefully played
that I wanted to jump on to the stage and hug ever one of them, and
listening to Rabbit play a wonderful solo that seemed that Pete
initiated, but my memory fails me as to what song it was, and a  great
light show that lit Pete and Roger in the most amazing way, not to
mention everyone else! And love, love, love them for keeping, from my
favorite who album, Fragments and Tea and Theatre in the set list.
Yeah the best moment other than those, or along with those, was a
FUCKING SCORCHING version of 5:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dedicate that to Max !
Everyone, you are so in for a treat on the upcoming shows. Pete was so
fucking on that I couldn't believe it. He was so beautiful in his big
shades, and was as giddy as a schoolboy. Roger was the Golden God, and
was equally as beautiful! Everyone on that stage was having a blast!!
The planets were aligned for Mike and I, and The Who, because this was
history in LA baby! Lots of photos and a video clips coming.
The Kids are truly alright, and they honored themselves in the only
way possible, by blowing the fucking roof off the theater, before
going off for tea!
I'd like to thank My Wife Trrish, Mike B. and Barry, Viacom, and the
fucking WHO for this mind numbing ultimate experience. Especially
Trrish, who is the only person I know who knowingly would make a
sacrifice that big to assure me of the best opportunity to make what
happened tonight happen.
I love you darling, and I love all you Fuckers as well,

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