Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Conference Call for Investors" re Tysabri

Given the news today about additional Tysabri related PML cases, I had to roll my eyes at the conference call thing. I thought, oh, cool, a conference call for people on Tysabri. No, a conference call for investors. Pleh. I know they have to recover their research money, but can it ever be about something besides money?

Biogen needs to get information out right now to Tysabri users about the details of the two cases and what other meds they were on, and any thing else that pertains. I feel sadness for the people diagnosed with PML. I feel fear about what will happen to Tysabri. And I feel concern that this will bring all of the "Tysabri=bad, Whatever I'm doing=good" people back of the woodwork.

For myself, I'm just completing my first year on T. The fact that both PML incidents occurred during the second year of treatment does give me pause for thought. It would be very helpful to see stats on how many of the current T users are in what month, etc. I don't think the odds have changed - they may even be better than after the trials. My hope is that there is not an overreaction and that we are given as much information as possible.

Update from Boston Globe: "But 13,900 patients have been using the treatment for at least a year, including 6,600 who have been on the therapy for 18 months or longer, raising hopes that PML cases will not be common."

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