Monday, June 02, 2008

Ugh, the negativity

Note to self: stop reading the Boulder Daily Camera comments. For that matter, you might want to go back to skipping the Camera articles altogether.


ozzie said...

I find that behavior most egregious, and I'm truly sorry that woman had to experience that sick behavior. What few people realize, especially men, is that it's a crime that lasts a lifetime, and as a man, unless you are gifted by God (or the Universe) to learn about how to help in the healing process, you will be doomed to fail in your relationships with survivors of sexual crimes, and quite possibly add to their torment. With that said, I also, in a most Chandlerish* way, need to point out that being charged with "abuse of a telephone" is about the funniest charge I've ever heard of. When it was followed by the charge of "unlawful sexual contact" I had to check and make sure it wasn't a front page story from the Onion. It made me think about all the "abuse" I've perpetrated on various telephone devices in my many years of using them. I thing they could put me away for a long time for just the abuse I dished out on defective public pay phones back in the eighties. I’m hoping that the statute of limitations protects me with this confession. How bizarre a world in which we live. (Paul, I know the previous sentence comes up as a fragment, and I don’t get why.) I will pray that this woman's healing process is aided by a strong community of friends and family, and I will never again pick up the phone with the same unconscious attitude of my past.
Love and Peace,
ps there is a great community at the New Church of Boulder County that can help will all kinds of healing. And it’s okay if your god happens to be a tree, or the vast beauty of the undersea world, JC or any of the possible godly entities that embody love, truth, peace, and compassion for humanity. Just stop by or call and talk, someone is there to help.
(*pop culture reference)

Amy said...

I say avoid the news all together. If anything real bad (or great) happens, you'll know. No need to wade through all the other...stuff.

trrish said...

Nice comment, Ozzie.

I do think 'abuse of a telephone' is kind of funny, standing on its own. I read that the intention of that charge or law is regarding situations where the perp interferes with the other person's ability to call for help. Completely taking away their power to contact someone else, at least via a phone.

trrish said...


Except for the New York Times, I do that. The only reason I went to the Boulder DC site last night was because of a crazy weird weather phenomenom we saw last night. I was hoping to read about what it actually was! I need to avoid the comments in particular. Reading random people's thoughts on the web is risky....

Paul O'Brian said...

Scott -- it's a fragment because it's missing a verb. It's okay, though. "How bizarre a world" has a Shakespearean ring about it, methinks.

SuperT -- I'm telling you, reading the comments section on any large-scale public site is almost always a mistake. Blogs excepted, I guess. :)