Friday, April 04, 2008

The Top Ten Reasons to Take Solumedrol

Number 10: Your husband drives you to the infustion center, unlike for Tysabri. *Except then you realize the cat's out of the bag because now he knows how cushy the infusion center really is!

Number 9: Everyone else in your family has "sympathy pains" that morning. "If mom's sick, we're all going to be sick!"

Number 8: The crazy, tired, drunken feeling I have when I get home tricks me into thinking I'm just going to curl up and go right to sleep! I take the "all the ativans I can eat" that I got from the clinic (ok, just two), melatonin AND a Luxutor (no wait, that is a casino in Las Vegas.), no, a Lunesta and prepare for bliss.

Number 7: Bliss does not come. Around 10:30, I notice I'm reading blogs, watching Roger Hodgson's "Take the Long Way home" cd and then decide to play Scrabulous for 2 hours. I notice I'm not the 'roid rage type - I'm the 'roid weepy type! Everytime he sings another song, I cry.

Number 6: 3:00 am. Still have got energy. Why not do the taxes I've been putting off?

Number 5: 5:00 am. Taxes done!

Number 4: Wide awake to hear Bret Saunders, fav morning show guy on KBCO, come on at 5:45.

Number 3: Lay around until Dagny is miraculously ready to go at 6:50.

Number 2: Keep my pajames and my blankie on to drive her to Moriah's, who is giving her a ride to school.

ANd NUMBER 1: Stopping by the drive-through Starbucks on my way back to my house in said pajamas and blankie. I thought I was going to sleep for a few hours before 12:00 but this is becoming unclear....

I still feel crappy and tweezy and kind of like Jeff Tweedy with buzzing all over my body. I think the bladder infection is keeping me triggered. Can't WAIT to take those antibiotics. I'm like the guy on the HD FM radio commericals ....."hi Rae-dio. Call me!! Ok????"

What will night two bring? I have to figure out how to sleep.


Amy said...

I hope you are sleeping right now, but it wouldn't surprise me if you weren't.

Yay for taxes!
The last time I did steroids I ripped up two rooms of carpet and refinished the hard wood floors underneath.

Sometimes I wonder if the energy steroids gives MS patients is "super human" or just "regular human" and I just don't know what "regular human" strength feels like.

Crying is no fun, but it is much better than raging. You can't get arrested for crying. Not that I've ever been arrested.

Anna said...

Hope you find sleep soon.
And in the meantime...hope you find fun, entertaining and fulfilling things to do!

trrish said...

Hi Amy,

Yeah, I'll take the crying over raging.

I don't think it is super human. I remember super human. Steriod energy, to me, is just somewhat regular human that is primarly superficial energy, not deep down content energy. Thank god for Turbo Tax. You barely have to thing for that.

trrish said...

Hi Anna,

You came to me blog! Hope it doesn't freak you out. I have found it helpful to keep track of my ups and downs but also to get some of the crap out of my brain that has no where to go usually.

Hope to see you tomorrow,