Sunday, January 06, 2008

"I'm in the band!"

So I've been playing in my church band for a year and a half. The guys in the band have a rock band on the side. For about a year and a half, I've secretly longed to play with the rock band.

Tomorrow, I start my keyboard class at online Berklee. I spent a bit of time yesterday working on how I'm going to record the mp3's I need to send in during the class - should I use the midi keyboard or the real piano? I came to the conclusion I wanted to use the piano. This morning, before church, I said a prayer to God - a typical trrish prayer. "Am I on the right path trying to make the music thing happen?"

We had a full band at church - 4 guitarists, bass player, vocalists drummer, flute, cello and me on the keyboard. For first time, our lead guitarist Shayn brought out his electric guitar. We've slowly been introducing drums, and now the Fender. There were a few songs where we really hit a groove. When that happens, my soul feels like it is in ecstasy. I get a soaring feeling in my body and heart, and I want nothing more than to play music. It was such a great time.

Today after church, Greg the bass player came up and said "Hey Trrish, I have an offer for you. We're getting the other band back together and we need a keyboard player. We think that's you. Are you interested?"

I looked him in the eye and said "Greg, other than seeing my children grow up happy and healthy, there's nothing else I'd rather do."

I said "is it ok with the others?", being my usual vessel of self-doubt. Yes, apparently it was.

We talked about songs and having a business meeting on Wednesday. He wants to get three sets together before a party that they (we?) are playing in February. He said "any Who songs you want to do - that you think we're good enough for!" I don't know, but I'm completely psyched up about this. I've got a list of a million things to do to "get ready".

Ozzie was there when Greg asked, and it was kinda cool because he knew what it meant to me.

I also found out that a group of us that did Elton John's "Border Song" a few months ago will be doing it again at the Martin Luther King's Day interfaith celebration later in January. I play the piano part, which is just nothing but fun.

the "trrish gets inspired" list:

Get baby grand tuned (scheduled)

Get hair cut (3 or 4 months over due)

Make a commitment to sinus and lung health with humidifier and Simply Saline (can you tell I'm in my 40's and live in Colorado?)

Consider waking up 45 minuites earlier and walking/practicing piano (alarm set for tomorrow. How can I get up that early without Bret? He doesn't start until a little before 6:00.)

Focus on getting more nutrition into whatever I do eat, given my 'Tysabri Diet'. Trying out 'Attune' bars and 'Alive!' shakes for when actual food is not easily had.

Cooking more for my family. I got discouraged years ago and never took it up again. I'm going to take this slow.

Send a note to Shalom Auslander to tell him I think what he does is important.

Help Dagny get it together this week for her Denver School of the Arts audition.

Stop worrying about work. Just do what is in front of me, do the best I can and let it go. Easier said than done, but let's try it out. Or, get a job at Robb's Music.

Get to bed a little earlier to assist with 5:15 am curtain call.

Continue cleaning out old crap from house.

Find a face cream that will make me look 35 again. :-)


Paul O'Brian said...

We had a full band at church - 4 guitarists

FOUR guitarists?? That is full! Sounds like you guys want to be the Christian Iron Maiden... plus one!

Also, re the soul in ecstasy part, Joe Jackson named his autobio after it: A Cure For Gravity. Here's a relevant excerpt:

"Time, once again, to disarm and charm that great beast called The Audience. Time to focus all our energy into making a connection, into making something happen. We can feel it, when we're winning them over, and it feels good. Everyone, band and audience, merging into one entity. And on a really good night -- and this rarely happens, but we get glimpses of it -- we're flying. It's as though music has the power to neutralize the force of gravity. We're like those lunatics you see on TV who jump out of planes and link arms in free fall. They never look as though they're actually falling, but floating, as though time is standing still. And maybe those glimpses are what keep us going, like a drug fix taking us out of the clatter and grind of normal life."

Tom Novelli said...

Have you tried Audacity? All you need is a $10 computer microphone... or a laptop mic if you don't mind the fan & drive noise :-)

Have fun!