Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tysabri Infusion #5

Today when I came in to the infusion center, I had a nurse I've had two times before, Liz. She said, "usual spot?". Hooray, I'm a regular!! I like the window seats, unlike on an airplane where I need the aisle seat due to frequent bathroom trips. She brought me a warm blanket and a couple of Hershey kisses. Where else does anyone take care of me like this? I'm not saying I don't have people taking care of me in many ways - I do. But not quite like this.

Everything went according to plan. The only teeny, tiny negative thing is the drive home. I am just too tired afterwards to feel good driving home. I recall last time it wasn't too bad, but I started the day out today being overtired and I'm about ready to fall asleep in my hospital laz-e-boy.

I have come to view Tysasbri as my life line. I feel like it enables me to do what I need and want to do in life. I haven't had MS episodes, and I don't live in as much fear of MS anymore. The closest I came was when, driving back from 'vacation' in Las Vegas, we stayed over in Utah. That morning I tripped on a rock or curb or something and landed on my knees and arms. For the next three days, I was worried I was having an MS flare-up based on how my body was reacting. Whether or not it was, I don't know for sure. But it stopped, and I'm grateful, and it did remind me how glad I am to not have to feel that so often anymore.

It's time to close my eyes for a while. If you are someone considering Tysbari, I offer you my encouragement. If you can work out the bureaucratic details, it could work well for you.

Turns out I did fall asleep in the laz-e-boy. I made it through the drive home, told my husband I've got to go to bed. It is very nice to have a day 'off'. I'm giving Frank Calliendo's show "franktv" one last chance (I watched it once). I'm afraid I have to call it - 6:13 pm MST. The show is not funny. At all. His internet video that went around a few years ago was very entertaining. Something went horribly wrong with this show. There's probably something to be written about impressionist who try to have TV shows (Rich Little, for one). I don't think they generally lead to something very good. In fact, I'm sure someone has already written it.


Anonymous said...

> She brought me a warm blanket and a couple of Hershey kisses. Where else does anyone take care of me like this?

They have volunteers giving chair massages to all the patients (mostly in for chemo) where I go. Gives me something to look forward to each month :-)

trrish said...

Cool - nurturing is a good thing. I also look forward to my time at the infusion center. Not something I ever would have expected.