Monday, December 31, 2007

Tysabri Diet?

Paging all Tysabri users.

Anyone notice a change in appetite, smell or taste? I've noticed that I am eating a smaller range of foods. I get hugely turned off by the smell of certain things cooking. I've always been sensitive to smell, but this is happening particularly around food. I just can't bring myself to eat certain foods. Things that feel 'safe' to me are certain bread, cheese, pasta and sweet things. Nothing spicy, no onions. I don't know if I can definitely pinpoint it, but I did weigh myself today and noticed I've dropped about 10 pounds since I started. I can afford the loss so it isn't a big deal. I don't know that I'm complaining, just observing. Food has always been so much fun for me in the past!!


Patti said...

I noticed, I could care less if I eat or not since I started Tysabri in 8/07. I have lost 27 pounds. I certainly am enjoying the weight loss, since it isn't requiring any thing like a diet it! But my Doctors have questioned it too. I am just enjoying it. I could stand drop about 40 more :)

trrish said...

Patti, thanks for responding.

Ok then, I'm going to stop wondering if it is in my head. I just need to figure out how to make myself eat during the day so my low blood sugar doesn't turn me into a lunatic.

Patti said...

Your are more then welcome. We could start a club :) I also have to force myself to eat on certain days. Like yesterday. I can easily go without lunch or any kind of dinner. Again, I am not alarmed. The benefits other then weight loss from Tysabri have been well worth a few pounds. Going for #6 on the 10th and I can't wait to see what this infusion will bring! Happy New Year! Keep up the good word and no need to worry :)