Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays?

I wrote this up to a friend yesterday.

I am planning a lot of r & r in all senses of the term - rock and roll, & rest and relaxation. In order, I'm planning on:

1. Sleep
2. Reading whatever I want to read
3. Music
4. Food

I will squeeze a few hugs in for the family in there somewhere :-)

Oh yeah, plus 5. That stack of DVD's I want to watch, and 6. Those blogs I never get to read.

What it will actually look like:

1. Driving 14 year olds around from Lafayette to Boulder and back and stopping for food because "we have none".
2. Cleaning the kitchen
3. Breaking up arguments over who gets to play Guitar Hero.
4. Driving 14 year olds around from Erie to Lafayette and back and stopping for food because "we have none".
5. Overeating
6. Cleaning the kitchen
7. Almost taking a nap
8. Looking at the cover of the "Complete Book of New Yorker Cartoons" as I walk by on my way to the laundry basket, putting "The Smartest Guys in the Room" into the DVD player but never actually pressing play because it's time to go pick someone up.

Not that I'm complaining. It's all good and almost any of the above can be very fun.

I can't decide if I should stay away from Guitar Hero or not - I might get hooked and then I'll never get any of the above done. (Update: Too late.)

Guitar Hero 3 was the Christmas present from our long-time babysitter. I'm still playing on easy level, but man, I LOVE IT. In my mind, I totally rock. Although, my son was also pretty impressed with me.

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