Thursday, December 27, 2007

Books I May Write

"Mistakes I Have Made" (My Autobiography)

"95 Ways that Public School Systems Don't Understand Dyslexic Children"

"Cleaning the Kitchen is Like Reading The Newspaper - Every day, You Just Have To Do It All Over Again"*

"37 Reasons Why A Day Without Caffeine is Not Worth It"

"No, I Will Not Write a Letter of Support for CJ's Employee of the Year Nomination"

"How to Survive Your Period While Trapped in Your House for 2 Days with Only 2 Tampons"

"Why I Am Not Interested In How You Think I Should Be Considering an AARP Membership"

*credit to my friend Janet for originally saying "the problem with reading the newspaper is the every day, you just have to read it all over again."

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