Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Bloody Likely

Tonight at the local grocery store (King Soopers), there was a lifesize advertisement of Howie Mandel doing some blah blah for "Deal, No Deal". I think.

In 1978, who would have thought Howie would be still be around - showing up as a legit presence in grocery stores, hosting his own show? Not me. I liked him back in the day with the latex gloves and all. His facial expressions were hilarious to me, and the way he used his hands, combined with that kind of boyish enthusiasm.

I still liked him on St. Elsewhere (the TV show). But then I lost track of him. I occasionally passed by a channel with him on those poker shows, and I thought he still had a great sense of humor, in his goofy way. He used to do a character called "Bobby" that was pretty good. It's funny that he's got this huge show now. Good for him. I've never seen it, and probably never will. But I love it when comedians make it in some way. I feel they are my people :-) I often wonder about people such as Judy Tenuta or Emo Phillips. I would have expected Howie to be in that "where are they now" category. So good on him.

I'm thinking of renaming my blog "No Time To Blog". What do you think? Between sleep and staying up late reading and writing, recently I've been choosing sleep.

Meanwhile, I'm on my third month with Tysabri, and it's going very well. I've noticed a big change in energy, in body strength and in cognitive processing. And with MS, those really are the big three, for me. I can't know for sure it is the Tysabri. I've been telling myself it is the magic elixir of Tysabri, meditation, prayr, and Diet Pepsi. "All parts of a healthy diet". I figure after a year on Tysabri, I will have a good sense how much of it is T. I've certainly had the best three months I've had in several years. If you have MS, and you are on the fence about Tysabri, I hope you really consider it. It could work well for you.

But, more seriously, what is the deal with the names of grocery stores? When I moved to Colorado, I thought "King Soopers" was the funniest name I'd ever heard for a grocery store. Don't they know how to spell? i thought. But then, there is also "Piggly Wiggly".

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