Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Cleaning My Oven

I did it! I had my first Tysabri infusion. No problems. I definitely was yearning for a nap after it. I look forward to sleeping tonight. So far, no headache. I only noticed some vertigo walking out of the hospital.

Infusion centers are kind of interesting because you run into people with all sorts of conditions. This is a brand new center, and every station has it's own TV - with cable. People are getting all sorts of treatments while they watch TV, read, talk, eat or sleep. The woman next to me's body had just stopped producing key components of her immune system. So she goes in for 7 hours once a month and gets a drug that helps her. I listened to her catch up on all her calls. I read for a while, checked email and fidgeted. Mostly, I felt very appreciative that 12 years into MS, I am doing as well as I am. And that maybe there is hope for a less depressing future. It felt like a long series of things had led up to this particular moment. Some of those things felt pretty bad at the time.

Part of my deal with myself was, if I started Tysabri, that I would supplement it with an equal dose from the more alternative, lifestyle-y side of things. What I have done in the past tended to be one or the other. This time, I'm going to balance both sides of it. I had my green juices and fruit juices today, and also meditated during the infusion, so we're starting off on solid ground.

A lot of people have improved while on Tysabri, some of their stories here. I'm hoping for a reduction of relapses and exacerbations. Any reduction in current symptoms will be a bonus. (Ok, maybe I'm crossing my fingers a bit for relief from the fatigue!)

I want to point out that, one of the big reasons I got here was because I blogged a whiny post about a foot problem I was having. (Which I now know was a neuropathy 'hot spot', common to MS.) Comments from Lauren and Courtney helped persuade me to get back into the game. A lot of support from my family, friends, and people at work got me to today. I'm happy about it. I look forward to continuing on Tysabri (next one is already scheduled!)


Brad Wright said...

It's remarkable how much your life, with MS, can change with technological advances such as Tysabri...

Will keep my fingers crossed.

trrish said...

thanks, Brad!

I have to say - I was working on a trivia quiz today and I was able to name Eddie Rabbit, Mare Winningham, Tony Hawk, Bobcat Goldthwaite from just their photos. I might have my trivia brain back! Something remarkable seems to be happening. :-)

Lauren said...

Awww Trish, I am Sooooo happy for you girl!

"I'm hoping for a reduction of relapses and exacerbations. Any reduction in current symptoms will be a bonus"

With its 67% superior efficacy, don't be surprised if you realize that hope! I go for my 12th Tysabri infusion in two weeks, and I haven't lost hope yet...heehee.

Please keep posting regarding your Tysabri experiences, and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for wonderful Tysabri experiences now in in the future.

Lauren :)

trrish said...

hey Lauren,

Thanks very much for your support - of everyone. Your attitude really encouraged me.