Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Wow, Dick Cavett really pissed me off in his latest blog entry in the Times. He doesn't like seeing fat people on TV. It's encouraging us to be fat. We're accepting fatness!

The complexities of obesity are so much greater than a pithy essay from Cavett can even come close to expressing. Not that he is trying to. What he does not seem to understand, nor do 50% of his respondents, is that eating disorders are really a disease of the soul, like alcoholism, shopaholism, workaholism, and everything else that is addiction oriented. My god, we've had Dr. Laura telling us that these things are character defects for the last 13 years, we can do without Cavett beating us up as well. I understand that some people don't get it. I'm going to have to remember not to read their opinions. I let go of Dr. Laura 12 years ago, so maybe I need to let go of Dick as well.

Acceptance is not the problem. Self-hatred is more likely the problem. It's pretty hip to hate Americans at the moment. I think we're doing a good job hating ourselves even without the rest of the world chiming in.

I found his blog post racist, classist and snotty. Sometimes I really like his writing but other times, it feels mean-spirited.

Fat people and bad spellers, unite! Dick Cavett may not like you, but you are really ok. We're all human, one way or the other. Cavett suffered from depression - should we all have emailed him telling him to just 'cheer up'? That's all you have to do, right? Decide to do it?

Got compassion? There are certainly times when I don't. I'd like to improve.

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Paul O'Brian said...

I completely agree. That article was such an unpleasant surprise. The comments were pretty predictable, but I was glad that some people refuted his points in a reasonably coherent way, especially those who pointed out that there's a link between excess weight and excess dieting throughout one's life. Why the excess dieting? Because of the intense cultural pressure that Cavett is parroting. My goodness, can he really think that fatness is so widely accepted?

Bad spelling, on the other hand... there's no excuse for that. :)