Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why is the rum gone?

Every once in a while I forget that I am mildly hypoglycemic. What hypoglycemia means to me is that I need some protein at mostly every meal. I pretty much do this without ever really focusing on it much anymore. Unless, I don't do it.

Today was an example. Before church I went to one of my local Starbucks to get my "Venti Soy Chai!". I also got a slice of "Low-Fat Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake". I had first tried this yesterday at not-my-usual-Starbucks. It was pretty dang good, although I was really hoping for the full-fat version. Because, given a choice, I opt for fat. It sticks with you longer, and is, according to my theory, helpful for hypoglycemics. But, the appeal of the banana-chocolate chips, along with the excitement of my local one having it, won out. It didn't even cross my mind that it might backfire on me.

But backfire it did. I was really crabby coming back from church, and then when I got home my kids were just driving me crazy. I was reacting to things I know better than react to. It wasn't until about 4:00 that I realized I was a raging lunatic because I hadn't had any significant protein for a couple of days. So I had some. And I felt better. I guess every once in a while I have to remember why I eat protein. I have this constant demon in me that is always subconsciously trying to get away with whatever it can. ("Put the caat out...put the caat out") I would like to exorcise that demon!

In my continuing quest to catch up on all my damn medical procedures, I finally went in to see a chick doctor for a long overdue "annual" (pentannual??) exam. One thing I was interested in finding out was whether it was possible that I am low in testosterone. See, my dental hygienist, of all people, told me that sometimes women with chronic diseases like MS will end up with low testosterone. Because, she said, the body knows there is illness going on and so it does not want to encourage pregnancy.

I can think of many other reasons not to encourage pregnancy.

She said she got hers checked and was prescribed a supplement of testosterone cream. And it really helped with a number of things, as well as her low libido. I immediately decided I needed to get that checked.

Looong story short, it turns out I AM low in testosterone, and I'm going to try some of the cream. That rocks. I can only hope it doesn't have a contraindication with Tysabri :-)

Apparently, my first Tysabri infusion is imminent. They think within this coming week. That is very cool. I really want to get this first one done.

Tysabri and Hillside, the school that specializes in teaching dyslexic children that my son is going to attend this year, have given me a new appreciation for my job. I couldn't possibly do either of these things without certain benefits of my position at CU.

I've noticed I'm having more problems with my cognitive processing. This has, in the past, been symptomatic of MS. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable driving again. I stopped driving for a few years because of MS. I'm getting the feeling that might be possible again. That would create a big problem for us, given having to transport A to his new school. I gotta give this some thought, but I trust my instinct. Just not sure what to do about it right at this moment. Perhaps there are some intermediate measures I could take. Turning off the radio, not engaging in conversation with kids. There's nothing fun about that. Maybe a combination of reducing the driving and staying more aware of the negative multi-tasking when I do.

Lastly, I just saw part of show on CNBC that showed that Crazy Eddie really was in-sa-a-a-a-ne!


Paul O'Brian said...

I can think of many other reasons not to encourage pregnancy.


"Thanks folks, you've been great. Don't forget to tip your servers!"

trrish said...

thank you, thank you. That was my favorite line :-)