Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"But you have heard of me...."

So I got the call today that all my paperwork is in to the federal agency that monitors Tysabri, the MS drug that I am going to start. The next step is for them to confirm with the insurance company that I'm covered, how much they cover, etc. and request any other documentation that they need. The MS clinic has ordered a bunch of bloodwork, which I will do tomorrow along with some other bloodwork already scheduled (2 for 1!). I'm stopping by tomorrow while I'm in the building to pick up the 'manual' that they give people who are actually going to take the drug.

I don't know what to expect - it could be several more weeks, or possibly less, before the first infusion. After the first infusion, I'll know if I am allergic or have some other issue that will prevent me from continuing. It's generally a once every four week schedule, I believe. I'm imagining I'll start sometime before the end of August, though I'd love it if it were to be before the end of July. I'm wanting to get excited about the possibilities of the drug, yet not willing to get my hopes up until after the first round

I told a friend that I felt like I was expecting a baby - I just don't know when the due date is. It could come any day. He said "and you're not even showing!" which made me smile.

I found a blog with a number of Tysabri reports here. It's good to read some other experiences.

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