Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jeerry, I don't know sometimes

Today would be my normal day to take double-dose Bactrim. I didn't take it. I kept a journal yesterday and data regarding food/drink intake and the heartburn. Today, I had it mildly in the morning but nothing more than that all day. It felt much better this afternoon. Just to test out my theory, I had a cup of tea in the morning and a diet pepsi mid-morning. Neither seemed to impact the chest pain.

God, it would be great if the Bactrim is the problem. I am realizing after all these years that I don't suffer medications gladly. I am very susceptible to whatever the crappiest side effects are. Makes me a little concerned about Tysabri. But there's no way to know until I try it.

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Brad Wright said...

A good friend of mine, who is diagnosed as bipolar, accidently took his meds twice in a day last week (just forgot). He ended up in the emergency room with the physicians asking about living wills and clergy to contact if needed.

He's okay, but it highlights that even though they are government approved little pills, they are serious stuff!