Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Who in Salt Lake City - The DVD!

Ozzie wrote a post a few days ago called "SLC is giving me goosebumps!"

Now I'm watching the SLC disc. I'm experiencing something a little
different than goosebumps....woo!

Cinema Interruptus with trrish and the Who!! There is something very amusing to me about reviewing a DVD of a show that you are in the audience for.

Favorite Pete line: "we....we are nothing..." , after the first three songs. What a smile. Pete
totally has his guru juju going on in this one.

Roger is Buff.

Spotlight on Ozzie and Sparkily (sic) trrish for 2 seconds during "We
Got a A Hit" - twice! We're jumping up and down like maniacs.

Pete and his false endings on Baba...."Do you think we could get those
false endings up to 36? That would be appropriately Polish? Jewish?

"...and just being generally brother Simon!"

"May your god go with you...may my god go with me", says Pete after "Man in a Purple Dress".

"We're now going to do a song about music on television! (laughing)", before, what else, "Mike Post Theme".

It's fun how fun the new songs still are, after a few months of not
being "in" them as much.

Zak is wearing a white "ONE bracelet (we have a ton of them in our

Ozzie and I are thinking we need a huge screen TV for these things.
You just really want the full size Roger and Pete.

Roger sings "I've got your body right now on my mind" and trrish yells
"I know you do!!!!" Yay, I'm yelling back at the screen to a Who DVD!

Roger totally gets a frog in his voice for YBYB.

Every time the camera goes out to the audience we pause the disc and try to figure out "do we
know them?????" We knew a bunch of fans there that night.

Ozzie and I are back in love with The Who by now. We're talking about a
week to the UK this summer - last week in June, 5 shows in GB and IE.
A Who vacation. Why not? We can't think of anything else we'd
rather do. Bring the kids and the babysitter. Jesus, I have to get
back in shape. I'm just coming out of an MS episode and I wanna go
see the Who before I have another one!

Do we think they are going to do the new songs on the next leg?? That
would be key.

Pete shouting along to My Generation/Cry If You Want rap. God I love CIYWRap! Roger.

WGFA - Roger's voice is back. Stumbling, wavering Pete - reminding me
of the last time I saw Ozzie drink. (Three years ago almost exactly!
Kudos to Oz.)

Umm, honey!

Watch out JMP, Stoosie and company - we wanna come ba-ack to the UK.

I wish the Who would sell stock. We could at least make some money
off of this shit.

Roger doesn't quite nail the scream.

Intense-staring-straight-ahead-snarly!Pete at the first ending of
WGFA. WOO! Really-cool-windmilling-shirt-coming-off-Pete with the
audience lit up behind him! Double Woo!! This is just Who Porn. Jesus.

You know, they really should show the audience in between WGFA and the
Tommy encore, rather than the black screen. IMHO.

(Carrie - here's an idea - add DVD reviews to your site!)

Yay, Pete without the overshirt!! "Would you like to know a
statistic? Tonight is the 2,222nd time we've played this song. Oh
yeah, and YouTube gets 80,000 billion hits a minute."

Roger laughs. Even though he doesn't know what YouTube is.

Pete slides the guitar with the microphone stand on Amazing Journey.

What a fucking entertaining band.

You go Zak!!!!!!! Simon looks ultra cool in the back with his
sunglasses on during Sparks. Now I always think about what Charles
said about Sparks to his (was it a teacher? coworker?) I have to look that one
up. Something about better than sex. Or maybe the closest thing you
can get to sex with your clothes on. I had always felt that but never
articulated it.

Just like in Vancouver, at this point, I want a cigarette and I don't even smoke. Sparks will do that to you.

Roger wants us to see him, feel him, touch him and heal him (holding
my can't even hear your versions, Seth and Brian

Roger and his Who cuppa, raised to the crowd. "that's what makes it
so sa-ad".

Yes, we will have some tea at the theatre with you, Rog.


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