Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Sometimes" is important

Here's something to think about.

On tonight's episode of "House", one of the 'cottages' (the newer doctors who are working with House) gets a surprise visit from his father. His dad tells him he brought his mother. It's her birthday. Dr. Foreman hasn't been home to see them in 8 years. She is turning 60, and apparently has some Alzheimer's-like issues going on. Foreman is uncomfortable with the situation. Dad is insistent.

"She should see you, while she still knows who you are."

"Dad, I've talked to her on the phone. She only knows who I am...sometimes.

"Sometimes....is important."

That is profound. According to me. It's palliative care to my frequent all or nothing, black or white thinking.

Sometimes is important. I'm thinking about it.


Brad Wright said...

Yes, House has some profound moments sometimes, entertaining moments almost always. One critique called the three doctors who follow house the "ducklings", since they follow him around as if they were.

trrish said...

I've heard that as well. In fact, today at work I called 5 of my colleagues 'ducklings' when they were going to follow me to a conference room they hadn't been to before. Of course, they had no idea what I was referencing. "Internal humor". :-)

Lucky Buck said...
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