Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm Sick of Myself - Choosing Life

Matthew Sweet had a song "I'm Sick of Myself" that I always loved. 

Well, I *am* sick of myself right now.  Quite literally, I think.  As in, I'm making myself sick.  My self-care has been number 99 on the list of "so much things to do" and I think it needs to be way, way higher.  Like, possibly #1.

This should be fun.  I'm very good at doing this in a black and white way.  Not so good at doing it in a balanced way.  I'm going to try a balanced way.  I think it will be better in the long term.  

A fellow blogger, CC, suggested "101 things in 1001 days".   I'm checking it out.   I'm wary of getting overzealous and burning myself out, which is my normal MO. 

Ok, using CC's cue, I'm going to start with 5.   Here they are:

1.  Start using Metagenic's Ultraclear Sustain again for breakfast. It's a powder/shake thing that supports your GI system, provides vitamins, etc.  I used to use it for years at a time.  It helped me a lot and I'm going back to it.   My daughter, too.  She has decided she's too cool for breakfast and I'm afraid I'm modeling that for her pretty well.  No, this isn't an ad for Metagenics and I don't get any money from them!  Truth is, I think the stuff is ridiculously overpriced.  However, it starts getting me back on track to balance.    I've ordered it, should be here in a few days.

2.  Walk more.   I'm not sure how to specifically work this into my day.  The obvious choice is getting up at 5:30 and getting my ass out the door or on the treadmill.  God, the thought of giving up sleep makes me really sad. Not sure if I can commit to it.  However, maybe I can commit to it for one day.

3.  Get on track with my supplements.  I'd like to get my vitamin C, D-Mannose, acidolphilus and possible other things back into my routine.  I think I'll start with those three.

4.  Come up with a fun drink for during the day that is not Diet-pepsi, and does not make me over caffeinated or fat.   Water?  Not that much fun.   Maybe there is a fun kind of water that I would like.   I am addictive and I like having something to  'do' during the day, like drink something.  Or some kind of stevia-sweetened decaf flavored tea??  Ooh, that's a lot of work

5.  Get my hair cut and highlighted.  I've been putting it off and it will cheer me up.

6.  CONSIDER, just consider, returning to my MS doctor for some discussion.

Ok, that was six.  I think that's ok.  Discussion welcome.

My email address used to be "ChooseLife".   It caused problems because people assumed it was an abortion statement.  It wasn't.  It's about the above. 


CC said...

can't remember if I actually gave you the 101 in 1001 site that I found.

I am going to post my total 101 list on April 5th.

Lucky Buck said...

At the risk of sounding like a jerk....step away from the computer. I'm semi-serious. It always makes me feel better. Hey, I'm still here. DAMMIT!

4MySales said...

Hi Trish,

I am glad to read that you have moved taking care of yourself to number one on the list, or at least a little closer to the top.

I'd like to hear how the UltraClear SUSTAIN worked out for you. I am actually a product manager for the company and have lived off of the stuff in the past.