Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jane, get me off this crazy thing

I have a friend who forwards me internet crap, despite my request to be removed from her forward list. A year goes by and I get added again somehow. One of (yes, I said "one of") today's forwards really irked me. Now, most of the time I just delete them. But, I'm having my own personal Lazy Sunday so I looked at this one:

this takes a little while to watch but it's great! enjoy!


What a freakin' agenda this cute lil presentation has! Working mothers are bad, kids now aren't innocent. I'd list them all but I'd have to watch it again and I don't want to. Feel free to write in with any others you catch if you watch it. I went to the site who produced it, hoping to send them a very kind "not fan" letter, but it was just the web design site.

I did email my friend, who I love, and asked to be removed one more time!

In case you don't know, always ask people if they want to be on your "forwards list". It's pretty rude to just assume someone wants to get your shit. We need a word for it. It's not quite spam. How about date spam? Unwanted spam from someone you know.

Silence is not consent.


Brad Wright said...

I kind of liked it, music/old pics, until they got to the moral nostalgia.... This drives me bonkers! Things are so much better now in so many ways.

You should have Jane start a blog!

Paul O'Brian said...

Hee hee. "Date spam." That's very funny.

trrish said...

yeah, that's it - "moral nostalgia". Ugh. Why is that so appealing to people?

I grew up in the 60's - I was 10 in 1969. I can wax nostalgic for about 2 minutes and then I remember the dysfunctional crap that was around. At least in my household. So many things unsaid. We weren't allowed to read the word "scrotum". Oh wait, that was yesterday....