Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Controversial Scrotum

Did you read this in the Times today? A recent winner of the Newbery award is being banned from libraries because it uses the word......SCROTUM.

Our society never fails to disappoint me. I suppose I could try and have some compassion for these people who think they are doing something good. I think I can have compassion (just a little bit, though), but also react with some, uh, zeal. Like Jesus with the money-changers or whoever they were. You guys are supposed to offer opportunities for education! It feels so obviously wrong to me that it's almost not worth saying "Hey ppl, this is wrong!!!". I went to to express my opinion but those guys are already on the team, so that was rather comforting.

From the day my kids were born, we used actual names for body parts. We never said hoo-hah or pee-pee or whatever the crap that some other people do. We said "Penis". "Vagina". "Vulva".

Ok, I just said a prayer that these librarians get some enlightenment. Also, that maybe my blood pressure would get back to normal.

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