Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sick, sick, sick

I got sick between Christmas and New Year's and haven't quite gotten back to form yet. It just keeps lingering on, in the form of headaches, earaches and dizziness. I bet if I laid off the diet pepsi and the sugar I'd get better faster! My friend Scotti told me about this homeopathic thing called Umcka. So I'm trying that to see if it can help kick it. Because basically, I'll do anything Scotti says. She's closer to God than anyone I've ever met. She does a great job of keeping the communication line open.

I would like to feel better. I'm expecting my new treadmill in a few days and I'd like to use it. Yes, I finally caved in and decided to get the thing for my house. We bought a less expensive one to see if I actually use it enough to warrant having one. If I do, we can upgrade in a few years.

I'm feeling crabby because I read this opinion piece on breast implants (silicone) by a plastic surgeon. He talks about capsular contracture, which occurs for some women. But he talks about it like it happens without fail to anyone who has implants. It doesn't. It is certainly a risk one takes.

I got implants 5 years ago. It didn't seem controversial to me. I had nursed two children for a total of 4 years. My breasts, well, they ended up looking deformed. They really were awful. I had actually had breasts before kids. I wasn't ready to give them up. When I decided to get the implants, I knew that in 10 to 15 years I'd have to decide again - redo or just have them removed. That's about how long they last. I am ok with that.

My breasts look pretty normal. They aren't really big. I wasn't going for huge breasts. I just wanted some breast. If I want to, I can pump them up for the Pam Anderson look, but I never want to, it turns out. I have come around to not wanting to call attention to my body. So I am more conservative than I used to be.

I read things all the time about how superficial I must be (well, not me specifically, but someone like me who would get implants). I used to feel a little defensive but now I just kind of smile. I've had men tell me to my face (and my chest) how much they hate implants, not realizing that they were speaking to an implantee.

See, who cares if I have breast implants? Probably me and my husband. Anyone else, why? If you want to change something about yourself, whether it is your body or your mind or your soul, you go for it. I'll support you. Walk a few miles in my shoes before you judge me, and I'll do the same

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