Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On "God Speaks of Marty Robbins" (Pete Townshend song)

The first time I heard the song "Marty Robbins", I choked up at this line and the one after it. It's only gotten more intense every single time since. Last night, hearing Pete

a) talk about it, and
2) sing it in front of us, I just broke down.

Here's what it means to me.I'm going out on a limb here. This is partially my view of what god is, and I know not everyone cares for this stuff. If you aren't into the spiritual Pete, you might as well move on to the next post!

"I watched my son sail on…..a little ship a'bobbin'….I had to grow…I needed to know.... exactly who I am."

I think that's the lyric. It just moves me."A little ship a' bobbin'" reminds me completely of my young son Adrian.

To me it is a metaphor about how, if there is God, that he/she would feel about humankind.

That we are an ever-evolving creation, still evolving – we are not done. We are still being created. We need to grow, and know exactly who we are, collectively. We can only know that by making the fucking mistakes that we do. Very much like watching your child grow and feeling the pain you feel at their stumbles and falls. We're part of a creation and we won't even know the result, not in this lifetime. But I think that every time we choose life and love over death and hate, we are furthering creation. We get to know some of the results of some things, and those moments are so very satisfying. There is a reason we go through what we do – the pain. I became sure of it on Saturday night as I heard him sing it. . .I never would have thought that Pete would produce more music that would so profoundly impact me. What a fucking gift!

I told Lauren and Ozzie tonight that I feel like "Marty Robbins" might be the most beautiful thing I think Pete ever wrote. It might top everything, for me. I need to give it time before I can tell for sure. It confirms my belief that Pete is, and has always, been channeling something very sacred. The song has been the theme of this weekend in so many ways.I think I could write
a book about it. trrish

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