Friday, May 05, 2006

Two embarrassing Who moments

Number one:

So, last night Ozzie took our daughter Dagny to see.. the Black-Eyed
Peas. We were listening to one of their discs for part of the day.
There's a song where they are singing "I'm gonna find you...I'm
gonna getyou getyou getyou getyou...". Stupidly, I say to
Ozzie, "Hey, they're sampling Pete!!".

He looks at me quizzically.

Me: "You know....'Gonna get ya' "

Ozzie: "Um. What?"

Me: (Singing)..."I'm gonna get you anyway...."

Ozzie: Pauses.

Me: Oh. Wait. No. This would be...Blondie. As in "One Way or
Another" Blondie. What the f*ck????

Ozzie: I want to see the post where you admit this to Relayers.

Ozzie: No, what I really want to see is Seth's response.

Embarrassing moment #2:

I'm in my office today doing some writing and listening to my iPod.
This song comes on and I'm rocking out in my chair. My brain is
like, "god, I can't remember what song this is? Which one of Pete's
song is this????? Damn! What album was it....".

Then, I slowly realize, it's NOT one of Pete's's The
fucking Soundtrack of Our Lives playing "Trancendental Suicide" !

This raw foods diet I'm on is fucking with my head.....


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