Thursday, September 08, 2005

blah, blah, blahhhgs

Why have a blog, one wonders. For me, it's because there are some things I just want to write down. And there are others that I want to share with people who could use information. Things that have helped with MS, etc. I have discovered the most helpful shit just by googling and turning up all sorts of people's notes on stuff. I figure that if you encounter a blog entry you find useful or even entertaining, then blogs serve a decent purpose. I'm not one who would read a bunch of blogs every day. On second thought, if I were to make the time for it, who knows what I would do.

I just love the idea that humans could possibly share stuff worth sharing. Writing, art, information, music....I think the internet is coming into its own. Ten years ago, content was kind of lacking. Things have improved quite a bit.

I moved writings to this blog that I previously hosted on the website.

Check out these books: First, "The Sedona Method", Hale Dwoskin. Second, "Loving What Is", Byron Katie.

Here's what's true. At least half the shit that drives you crazy is just in your head. It's how we're thinking about it. Both of these books have helped me work through stuff and stop blaming everyone else for what I think. It's quite interesting, and I feel better, and freeer (is that really how you spell "free-er"?) than I ever have.

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