Tuesday, August 09, 2005

goodbye to an angel

How do you say goodbye to an angel?

I've been working with someone for about 10 months on some personal shit. He's helped me change my life. He is angel, a muse, whatever you want to call it.

Today, we decided we had done our work that we were supposed to do.

I feel a little sad. No, a lot sad. It's not that I can't ever see him again. I can. But, it's a turning point. I need to experience myself on my own for a while. I may go back with questions from time to time. How do you let someone whose had such a huge impact on your life "go"??

I guess you just do. And you trust that in the future, whatever you need will come your way through someone or something, just like it did 10 months ago.

Love you Doug.


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