Sunday, October 10, 2004

My name is Trrish.

My favorite drink: Green tea. Seriously. I've ditched alcohol,and the diet Pepsi.

Who fan since: 1978

Age: 45 on October 2. 45 is pretty great.

Astrological sign. Libra

Current Location: In front of a laptop computer in a hotel inBoulder, Colorado. I wonder sometimes about living in LA; in London; and in New England.

My favorite movie: Couldn't pick just one. Most Cameron Crowe films, certain Woody Allen films, TKAA, Ferris Bueller's Day Off,and most recently, "What the Bleep..." Watched 'Mystic River'last night and thought I'd fracture a rib sobbing from the trauma.

My favorite Who member: Pete's soul, Keith's spirit

My favorite Who album is: Probably Tommy. No, maybe Quad. TKAA soundtrack is pretty good. I kinda love WAY.

My biggest pet peeve: A narrow mind. And Q&A's like this. They make you package yourself up into a pleasant little thing that may or may not really represent you.

How long I have been an internet Who fan: Since 1995! I joined O&S before Seth!hahahahahahahahahahahha

Married or Happy: At the time of this writing, neither.

Earliest Who memory: Watching PT in the Pinball Wizard scene inthe movie 'Tommy' when I was about 16 and thinking "Damn, there is something going on that I don't know about!" (paraphrasing "Diner"there.)

Most recent Who purchase: The Thong.

Favorite Who quote: "There once was a note, Pure and Easy, playing so free like a breath trickling by."

Favorite Who Song: 'The Thong Is Over' ? You mean today, I guess. I've really been in to Baba O lately. The TKAA version is on my workout mp3 list and every morning, PT yells "Wooooooo-hooooo" into my ear at the beginning. It's reallya great song to work out to. All those damn aerobic teachers back in the day were freakin' wrong. You can totally work out to rock and roll.

Least favorite Who song: Fiddle About. Fuck off, I hate it.

Who members met: Roger (he hates me), John (he hated my Pete shirt), Pete's overcoat (pulled up around his head to avoid fans), Simon (he kissed my tattoo), Zak (he doesn't have a mortgage...), Rabbit (sweetest guy on the planet), Pino, Billy Nichol....(yes, I actually like him)

Important role in Whodom: I said good bye to the O&S dysfunctionand started Relayers. Also, my tattoo had its 15 minutes of fame in2002, thanks to Matt Kent putting it up on the band's web page.

Most important Who fan ever: Seth, of course.

Current favorite cover of a Who song: Eddie V. singing TKAA - not sure where it's from. I got it from iTunes.(Just looked it up - it's from "North America #47 Little Rock")

One of my very favorite PT solo songs: "The Shout"

Current songs in heavy rotation in my life: 'Just Like Heaven',The Cure 'Come Sail Away', Styx'Creep' Radiohead, ' Pot Kettle Black', Wilco 'On the Road ToFind Out' Cat Stevens, 'Baba O'Riley', The Who, A Quick One WhileHe's Away, The Who, 'Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin' Journey'Labelled with Love' Squeeze , 'Don't Be Shy' CatStevens, 'Never Been To Spain' 3 Dog Night,'No One Is To Blame' Howard what's his name. 'Let's StayTogether' Al Green, 'It's Tricky' Run DMC, 'She's Crafty'Beastie Boys, 'Rush' Big Audio Dynamite, 'Stacy's Mom' Fountainsof Wayne, 'Video Killed the Radio Star' the Buggles,'Musicology' Prince, 'Hand in My Pocket' Alanis, 'Tell MeSomething Good' Chaka Khan, 'Free Fallin' Tom Petty, 'Lorelei'Styx, 'From Now On' Supertramp, 'Is That Love' Squeeze, 'Jump'Van Halen (though I prefer the Aztec Camera version. iTunes doesn'thave it.)

Yes, really. That is what I'm listening to. And I'm loving it.

Interesting things that happened to me this summer: Realized I am inclined towards Buddhism ; Got over my fear of playing and singing in public; Decided it's time to change careers - been doing public service for 20 years; Decided to ditch my fear of actuallybeing myself.

Most amazing thing about my life so far: My daughter is 10; my son is 6. And they are doing great.

How did I get here?


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