Wednesday, August 25, 2004

thank you diver for getting me here

The Who, Hollywood Bowl, August 9, 2004

Hey everyone – welcome back to Relayers, me!

Today I went to Wholala 2.75 and saw the boys at the Bowl. A great day.

Kudos to Ozzie, Gary, Mike Bisch and the other guys in The Who Show for putting on a great day. I really enjoyed it. I counted about 30 people, not including kids and the band entourage. Very nice energy. I was happy to catch The Who Show as I was with my kids the previous night when they played Molly Malones. Mike, you have a lot to proud of, my dear. The one sad thing being Mike’s bass (Alembic?) getting damaged by a swinging mic. It was a tough room, in the sense that there was no space whatsoever. It was like The Who trying to play in someone’s living room. So the mic twirling, the Townshend-esque leaps and all that had to happen in a very, very small space. I’m just glad it wasn’t a person that was injured.

It was fantastic to see old friends and and some new faces at the Pig and (whistle noise here). Too many to mention but you know who you are… (‘we know who you are’). Somehow my kids made it through the whole thing. Joyce was representing the Whola East Coast contingent and did a fine job. I was having flashbacks from 2002 much of the night but kept working on just being ‘here now’. It was a pleasure to see my old friend Dan (Bingo Charlie), my front row bud from Tinley Park 2002. I actually first met Dan in NYC at the Molly Wee in 1996. Sean, Eddie, Lauren, Chris, ‘mom2angela’, new fan Wendy, oh shit, here I go naming people. Ok – Gary, Laurie & family, Twiglets, Tattoo Sam, Lee, Sandy from Germany!, Deni and Jim!, Christian and Sherry, Kimberly (we lost you!), my friends from Irvine at Denny’s who hung out with Dr. Billy, Eva! and friend. I was wondering about Sanjeev and ran into him at the Bowl after the show, which was great. Of course my bro and his girl.

The show itself really was great. I had two, no three, major high points. TKAA, RGLB and of course SMFM/LTY. Sam said something during our cinema interruptus about waking up the next morning after NYC and Shoreline and having RGLB be the thing in his head. It truly is a classic Who song (to me). Dr. Billy left me a voice mail saying the same thing. It gives me a warm feeling all over (shut up, Seth!) I was hoping he could make it down to LA but I don’t know that he did. It’s too bad I couldn’t make it up to Shoreline. Life is all about tradeoffs.

Yes, Seth, I cried. Usually it is during the Tommy encore but tonight it was TKAA. Shit!!! It blew me away!!! PT’s whole new improv-y verse is great. And, Old Red Wine – man , they finally got that one down. It is really, really something. I think a lot of people walked out wondering what the hell it was and I hope they figure it out and buy it.

What moved me most tonight was remembering two years ago. I never really thought that two years later, they’d be playing, and they’d have two ‘new’ songs and that I’d be there. And no cane, either. Two years ago, I thought it was all over. It’s not. I’m glad. I’m so very, very glad that I got to be there tonight. It was a triumphant return for them to the place where they played what had to be one of the most difficult shows of their career two years ago.

Ps. Zak, man! Zak did some cool stuff tonight. I fucking love Zak. Some little synchopated thing during…. ? BOR? WGFA? Now I can’t remember. But I loved it.

I will absolutely buy this show. I need the TKAA and ORW and RGLB, not to mention some heartfelt comments from both Pete and Roger. At the end Pete chased some security guy offstage. It was comical. He said “we’ll be back soon”. I believe him now. He said it after Toronto 2002 and I believed it, but didn’t trust it. Thanks for the follow-through, Pete. We really appreciate it. Also, he is getting a letter from me. This show was just too meaningful to let it go by.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to reading others accounts.


It's driver. Thank you driver for getting me here.

After the show we were wandering around because we didn't want to
leave the Bowl. So I kept yelling "Magic Bus!". You know how
there's always some asshole yelling "Magic Bus!" ? Well, tonight
that asshole was me.

Joyce does not like Thai food. She likes diners. You can take the
girl out of Boston but you can't take Boston out of the girl. :-)
We need to get that woman back east stat.

Like Thai food? Try Torung on Wilton and Hollywood Blvd.

You should have seen Twiglets tonight. Drop dead gorgeous!!! No
shit - she looked absolutely stunning. I hope someone got a picture.

Turns out Who thongs also can double has ponytail holders. I bought
the thong on the way back from the bathroom during...Bargain. The guy who sold it to me was probably about 65. I said 'Bet you never thought you'd be selling thongs..." He said "No, but man, I'm
really enjoying it." I held it up to check the size and the guy
standing next to me waiting for a T-shirt just stared at it and
said "Thank you!".

Also, I developed a new...talent. It's Who performance art.
Ozzie's gonna schedule for me for the next Whola.

And. Ozzie just read the post from Matt that I posted. He thought
I wrote it. He says "Trish, what did you mean by "house regulations
specify that I could only record three songs." I said, "hey, duh
Ozzie, did you think I was actually going to the bathroom when I
left those times? Or when I said I was going to see Jody and Dan?
Shit, I was down in the pool shooting the show, man. I only had
three songs, so I had to choose carefully."

He said yeah, you seemed frustrated. I said, yeah, I probably came
across as rude to some of the fans...

Some guy who looked a lot like George Clooney but wasn't grabbed me on my walk back from Jody and Dan and asked me to go have a beer with him. I said, 'uh, no thanks. My husband is right over
there.'. I saw him again later when I was with Ozzie and he
said "HA! Husband - yeah right." I guess he thought Ozzie did
not look like husband material. I think my Dad thought exactly the
same thing oh about 13 years ago.

Hey, you know, Ozzie and I are waayy more fun sober than drunk.
And, as Re-Joyce pointed out, a lot more articulate. :-)

Mike Bisch asked me to hold his glass of remy while he was adjusting the mic at Wholala. I did. I was kind of lusting after it but then it passed. Yay.

Could I *be* any more streamofconsciousness??? I guess the 10
iced teas I drank at the Pig and 'whistling sound here' have caught
up with me. Way more caffeine than usual.


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