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Life During Coronatime

It's been a while. I'm fortunate that no one in my house is sick. And that I am able to work from my home. I'm choosing to see this time as very meditative, and extremely conducive to mindfulness. I find that I love having one home base. One location, rather than the 4 I usually have - my office at the university, my therapy office, my house and my car.  BC (Before Corona) I spent a lot of time bouncing around to one office or another, then to Pilates, then a therapy group or home. I lived out of my car quite a bit. I don't miss the time formerly spent on driving, dressing acceptably, shopping, and bouncing around.  Another upside  of being home is that my cat Pretty Boy Floyd is really sick and old. He's on his way out -  over the next few months I'm guessing. And being able to be here for him now is really a blessing. He's a needy little grandpa cat! I adore him.  Now I'm spending my time.... disinfecting! We have 2 immune-compromised hous

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